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Moab Jeep Safari Week

Moab Jeep Safari Week

I can’t believe almost a week has gone by since Jeep Safari Week . It was absolutely amazing for to be a part of the event this year. Spreading awareness of what beauty and adventure US 191 holds is always such a positive experience. To hear things like “I had no idea it went that far” or “how many national parks?”  Is what our website is all about. I’ve always loved playing tour guide and as a result many people decided to take US 191 on their journey home.

For every great suggestion that I gave as far as points of interest , I received equally great information in return about specific events, companies that are there to help travelers and their vehicles, good advice from those who have also traveled a long distance before, different excursions I had not yet explored, the list goes on. always takes the viewers information to heart. This is just as much a place for travelers/ adventure seekers to post about their experiences as it is for us. We appreciate the advice and encourage the insight. Over the next few weeks we will be implementing these suggestions both on the blog and on the directory. Please feel free to email me with anything you think Is worthy of sharing.
I want to thank everyone who signed up for our email and was entered into the a drawing to win a free tshirt and sticker of their choice. A big congratulations goes to John Keller as our winner ! Be sure to watch for more chances to win here on the site !
Lastly but certainly not least some very much needed thanks goes to the whole team at Red Rock 4 Wheeler for making Jeep Week happen. They are not only extremely helpful, but do an incredible job at organizing this event. Also a big thanks to Motostew for their generosity of keeping the sun off our backs while we vended out in the hot dessert sun, but also for implementing such a great club.
I am always wondering how much of a mark up I am paying for my 4X4 parts ( which as you all know have to be replaced more often than we’d like to admit) While at jeep week, I broke the shocks on my Toyota ( yes I know it’s not a jeep) it was going to be 850.00 to replace them, but since I had signed up for Motostew membership for 200.00, I got the shocks at cost saving me 47% which was 400.00 in savings!!! My first time use and the membership had already paid for itself! Our experiences teach us the most in life, and this was assured me that I had made a great investment! This reverts back to the if its worth sharing, we will ! Check out
There were so many note able great companies at the expo, it would be hard to list them all, but would also like to thank the Moab Adventure Center, Mile High Jeep Club, Wolf LED, Wild Boar, BedRug, Schutt Industries, Arizona4X4, Midwest Truck, Red Peak Off Road, Rhino-Rack, Quadratec, and so so many more! Thanks for making it a great Jeep Safari. We look forward to seeing you all next year!


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