2016 Jeep Safari – Moab, UT – Visit US191

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Jeep Safari 2016  

2016 Jeep Safari WeekMarch 19 – 27

Thank You to Red Rock 4-Wheelers!

The BLM approved the permit for 2016 Jeep Safari. The permit is approved for a 10-year period and has allowed the club to add some new trails and trail segments to the permit. With the permit now approved and in force, the club introduced these eight new trails – some added trail segments to existing trails but add just a little more excitement for those daring drivers!

The eight new trails were met with enthusiasm by all in 2014 & 2015 and filled up quickly so if you want to run them in 2016 be sure to be online when registration opens in January.

They are “The Pickle“(7), “Cameo Cliffs“(3), “Day Canyon Point“(4), “Deadman Point“(3), “Rusty Nail“(7),”Where Eagles Dare“(7), “Jax Trax“(5), and a special addition to Hell’s Revenge “The Escalator“(8). All of these trails are now available for review on the trails page.

Scenic Flight over Grand Teton

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While planning my next trip to Jackson Hole , I stumbled upon this through the Teton Aviation Center. What better way to experience one of the most gorgeous mountain ranges then by air? This GRAND adventure is definitely going on the must do list for this fall!


Click on the video link below for some footage that will blow your mind and information on how to join in such a grand experience!


“Soar the Tetons on one of our scenic glider rides and experience this beautiful mountain range from a birds-eye view. Enjoy a leisurely soar and let the magic of motorless flight in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring scenic areas provide you with the adventure of a lifetime. Or, for groups up to three people, enjoy a powered tour of area mountain ranges in a Cessna. We are dedicated to providing the safest, most comfortable and enjoyable flights possible.”


Norris Hot Springs – Water of the Gods

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“Mineral waters seeping up from the earth’s crust. Relaxing under the star-filled night sky. There is nothing quite like your first experience in a natural hot springs. Discovered by early settlers, the geothermally heated waters have been enjoyed for over 100 years by locals and travelers alike.”

I couldn’t agree more with this statement. My personal favorite Hot Spring spot close to US 191 is Norris Hot Springs. Known as “Water of the Gods“.  I prefer this one for many reasons; first and foremost it’s natural appeal.  Norris pool and seating is made of entirely of wood giving it a rustic feel that is classy, yet comfortable. Another major draw to Norris is it’s geodesic dome  poolside stage.


The live music that takes place on the weekend provides a fun and relaxing environment I have yet to experience at any other Montana hot spring. To top it all off, Norris has an amazing selection of  eats and beverages. In the summer, some menu features are all Montana grass-fed beef and bison and a variety of fresh salads grown in on-site gardens. Pair one of these with a good wine or a tasty local microwbrew in a luxurious soak : heaven.


Perhaps one night is not enough at such an amazing venue? If you care to stay awhile, Norris also has 9 full service RV sites and 4 tent sites offering beautiful views and access to the hot springs pool. Whether it is for a visit or a stay, Water of the Gods is something every human should experience for themselves.


42 Montana Highway 84

Norris, MT 59745

Swim and soak – $5.00
Swimsuit and towel rental available – $l.00 each
Enjoy a soak and music – $7.00
Music starts at 7:00 p.m. every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.



Flaming Gorge In The Spring

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Two weeks ago I went to the Flaming Gorge with the intention of camping for two nights. The second night the weather had different plans. In the spring there is no telling at 6000 feet what kind of weather you may encounter. The temperature dropped down to below freezing and unfortunately for the best view point of the gorge, the snow made the visibility less than fair.  Regardless of the weather not cooperating , I was still able to get some great shots. The view of the gorge never ceases to take my breath away.image

Beyond the dam and the Green River the scenic route around the reservoir takes you off US191 for a short drive on Utah 44. These are where the high vantage points are found providing the best view of the gorge. The real cream of the crop of these lookouts is the Dowd Mountain overlook. It’s a 4 mile drive down a dirt road that seems to be taking you no where, but it is definitely worth it. It’s at this point that you can see almost a hundred miles all the way down the Flaming Gorge! This is also where the snow really started coming down for me on this trip, but that’s alright with me because there is always a reason to revisit this gorge-ous natural beauty.

Mesa Verde National Park

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Mesa Verde National Park was founded by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 ” to preserve the works of man”. This was the first park of its kind. The Park is home to 4700 archeological sites, 600 of which are cliff dwellings.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde

When I toured the park in November of this past year I couldn’t help but feel like I had hopped into the  DeLorean and traveled back in time. To be able to look thousands of years back to how the pueblos lived and survived was awe inspiring.

 On my tour of the Spruce Treehouse, the conservation officer was discussing what a barren desert climate has to offer in the way of food. Amongst the short list was blue corn (not the corn on the cob that we usually enjoy today) and juniper (not used for gin) . Not only was the food supply nothing extravagant, but the water was a good distance away from most of the dwellings. Surprisingly I was also informed that gathering the water was usually the woman’s job. Being that neither plants or is animals can survive with out water, also led into the one of the theories as to why the pueblos left; a draught.
On the tour of the Spruce Treehouse I was also shocked by its size. Most cliff dwellings have 10 rooms or less, while this one had 130. These dwellings are some of the biggest not only in the park, but in the world. Also see the Cliff Palace and Long House (150 rooms each), and the Balcony House ( 40 rooms).
The Pueblos occupied this space for almost 700 years. The first 600 years were actually spent on the 52,000 acres of the colorado plateau. It was only on the last 100 years that they moved in to build their dwellings amongst the  alcoves of the canyon walls.
Mesa verde means green table in spanish. Perhaps  it was names this because the view of the miles of green trees and desert from the top of the park (park point 8427 feet) has a 360 degree panoramic view that is one of the most beautiful i have ever seen.
Mesa Verde is just a short drive off 191 onto 160 East from Utah into Colorado and is definitely a must see!


The Confluence of the Green and Colorado

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A Little over a week ago a group of friends and I decided to voyage to the confluence of the Green and Colorado river . The trail-head is found deep in Canyonlands National Park and is an 11 mile round trip hike. We had a perfect Spring day for it. The sun was out, but the weather was not too hot for a long hike.  The dessert flowers and cacti were just starting to really bloom, making it a beautiful colorful walk.

Indian Paint Brush

Indian Paint Brush


view of the Needles

view of the Needles

While the moderate trail is relatively easy, there and some cliffs to be mindful of and a short ladder is in place at one point to help transition one of these rocks. Total elevation change for the hike is 200 feet. I didn’t really feel the elevation change being that there are a lot of lengthy flat stretches in two different valleys and one long plateau.

The scenery is great throughout, but my favorite view along the hike was of the needles. We stopped with this great view to have lunch and re-hydrate.

We arrived at the confluence at about 2pm, roughly three and a half hours after we started, but we took lots of breaks for photos and lunch.

There is nothing quite like the view of the Confluence for the first time with your own two eyes. For this reason, I’n leaving the photo out. This is definitely something you want to see for yourself! The red color of the Colorado meeting the almost turquoise color of the Green is spectacular. The reason why the dividing line between the two is so visible is doe to the temperature differences in the rivers. Further downstream, they do eventually mix.

A side note for those of you who do not like to hike or are unable. There is a Jeep Safari trail that also takes you to the confluence. It is definitely a longer road, but I am told is equally as enjoyable.


Camping Behind The Rocks. Moab, UT.

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Camping “Behind The Rocks” was definitely the greatest suggestion I received as far as free camping and a GREAT VIEW OF THE ECLIPSE! I was on my way to go camp in a canyon when I got the call from my friend in Seattle telling me that if i was sleeping under the western sky that night, that I had better make sure that I had a good view of the eclipse. I had not seen a lunar eclipse in my life. I instantly called my local Moab friend to ask him where i could get the best view and he responded without hesitation  “Behind The Rocks”.

To get to Behind The Rocks, head south on US 191 just a little bit out of town (apx 5 miles). You will notice that southbound on 191 has a turing lane for a bit while just ascending uphill. At the very top of this hill (the first hill on your way out of town), you will see a sign for “Behind The Rocks” to your right. All along the road is great free camping. The spot that I chose was wide out in the open and very secluded. Perfect for the eclipse. Even just a few miles outside of Moab, there was virtually no light pollution.

I found this spot to be a great great break from the hustle and bustle of Jeep Safari Week while actually being super close to some of the activities. One of the events actually took place right across US 191 to the other direction; area BFE. This is home to one of Jeep Safari Weeks highlighted events, the hill-climb. I was amazed that being this close I did not have Jeepers through my campsite all night.

Don’t get me wrong, I love 4-wheeling, but I also love my peace and quiet too


Eclipse, especially for my first sight of a beautiful lunar eclipse. 

Camping and a Waterfall. Moab, UT

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Camping at Ken’s Lake has all of the amenities and accommodations that one c could ask for. Ken’s Lake campground is just 10 miles south of Moab off US 191. This would be a great spot if you choose to travel luxuriously in a larger motor-home. While camping is 15.00 a night (slightly more pricey) , everything you could want is in a short distance. Fishing is permitted on the lake, however motorized vehicles are not. The campsite is also portable to hiking and horseback riding trails. In my opinion though, all of these amenities pale in comparison to the landscape. Ken’s Lake is surrounded by sights of the La Sal Mountain range, the red-rock fins of Moab, but most notably a beautiful waterfall.

When I first was driving into the campground, I couldn’t help but notice the giant waterfall. I thought it was a bit odd that I hadn’t seen it in the past. Later, when taking to a local, I was informed that it may not have been running last time i was in the area being hat sometimes that flow of water is directed into the Colorado.

Ken's Lake Waterfall

Ken’s Lake Waterfall

Nonetheless, it was ever so enjoyable on this trip. On my first hike up to the base, which was just a short easy 1/4 of a mile walk, I noticed there was a little fire pit on the opposite side of the river just under the fall.  I thought “what a great place to cook dinner” and indeed it was. The photo below is a picture I took as the sun was setting and I was just sitting down to eat. Pure serenity. Considering Jeep Week is one of the busiest weeks in Moab, I felt blessed to have my dinner journey to be undisturbed.

The waterfall at Ken’s Lake will always be one of my most treasured Moab memeories

Great Camping in Moab, Kane Creek Rd

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There are many camping sites along Kane Creek Road. While all were beautiful in bloom with the Spring, there were two that stuck out to me in particular. The more well known of these two would be Moonflower Campground, located just 3 mile off US 191. The entrance to Moonflower is lined with petroglyphs . There was a small flowing creek (I imagine from the rainfall) that leads the way into Moonflower Canyon. All Along this creek through the breathtaking canyon are wonderful unique camping sites. The canyon walls not only provide shelter but a gorgeous landscape. There were about 6 (out of 8) prime camping sites in Moonflower and they are on a first come/first served basis. Camping is 10.00 a night, but definitely worth every penny.

The second site that really stuck out to me was a bit further up the road. This is one i did not find listed on the BLM map. The campground is called Spring Site. It is slightly less protected as it is not in its own Canyon, but does have large trees at each site to provide shae and shelter. I appreciated the open layout and great climbing near by. This one only has 4 sites. Itis right along Kanes Creek which provides  a great water source and the soothing sound of a flowing stream.

Out of the many campgrounds on Kanes Creek, I found these to be the most scenic, secluded, resourceful, spacious, and over all a great place to camp!

Moonflower Canyon

Moonflower Canyon20140416_152800


Jeep Week in Review

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Moab Jeep Safari Week

Moab Jeep Safari Week

I can’t believe almost a week has gone by since Jeep Safari Week . It was absolutely amazing for US191.com to be a part of the event this year. Spreading awareness of what beauty and adventure US 191 holds is always such a positive experience. To hear things like “I had no idea it went that far” or “how many national parks?”  Is what our website is all about. I’ve always loved playing tour guide and as a result many people decided to take US 191 on their journey home.

For every great suggestion that I gave as far as points of interest , I received equally great information in return about specific events, companies that are there to help travelers and their vehicles, good advice from those who have also traveled a long distance before, different excursions I had not yet explored, the list goes on. US191.com always takes the viewers information to heart. This is just as much a place for travelers/ adventure seekers to post about their experiences as it is for us. We appreciate the advice and encourage the insight. Over the next few weeks we will be implementing these suggestions both on the blog and on the directory. Please feel free to email me with anything you think Is worthy of sharing. Jennifer@us191.com.
I want to thank everyone who signed up for our email and was entered into the a drawing to win a free tshirt and sticker of their choice. A big congratulations goes to John Keller as our winner ! Be sure to watch for more chances to win here on the site !
Lastly but certainly not least some very much needed thanks goes to the whole team at Red Rock 4 Wheeler for making Jeep Week happen. They are not only extremely helpful, but do an incredible job at organizing this event. Also a big thanks to Motostew for their generosity of keeping the sun off our backs while we vended out in the hot dessert sun, but also for implementing such a great club.
I am always wondering how much of a mark up I am paying for my 4X4 parts ( which as you all know have to be replaced more often than we’d like to admit) While at jeep week, I broke the shocks on my Toyota ( yes I know it’s not a jeep) it was going to be 850.00 to replace them, but since I had signed up for Motostew membership for 200.00, I got the shocks at cost saving me 47% which was 400.00 in savings!!! My first time use and the membership had already paid for itself! Our experiences teach us the most in life, and this was assured me that I had made a great investment! This reverts back to the if its worth sharing, we will ! Check out Motostew.com
There were so many note able great companies at the expo, it would be hard to list them all, but US191.com would also like to thank the Moab Adventure Center, Mile High Jeep Club, Wolf LED, Wild Boar, BedRug, Schutt Industries, Arizona4X4, Midwest Truck, Red Peak Off Road, Rhino-Rack, Quadratec, and so so many more! Thanks for making it a great Jeep Safari. We look forward to seeing you all next year!